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How to select the best work outfit for every occasion?

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Work outfit is clothing worn at work places that also take care of style, comfort and suit the work environment.

Do you desire to look smart and alert at the work place? Or, looking for the right attire for business lunch? This article aims to resolve such issues.

How to dress for your work?

Depending on your job your work outfit may vary. People in corporate offices, banks and factories require different type of work outfit to suit their job requirement. The primary function of a work wear is to provide protection and comfort during office work. It should be able to cope with the hazards of seasonal changes and must be compatible with the work cultures. The dress you are clad in should also make you look like a true professional.

Types of working dress

Working dress has two broad differentiations; business formal dress and business casual dress without any gender separation.

Business professional dress is meant for working with customers in a professional set up. This consisting of suit, tie, slacks and shoes are ideal for men. Wearing a white or colored button-up conservative collared shirt tucked in the trouser with matching ties, a coat or blazer and shoes makes the dress complete. For working ladies, business formal dress is different from that of men. This consists of a skirt suite, pant suit or dress suit with a blouse. Skirt suits and dress suits are optimal for summer but they should be of appropriate length and fit. Wearing dress pants and shirt under your blazer is best for the cold seasons. Matching heels and pumps should also be the part of attire.

Business casual dress is appropriate for working in non professional set ups. You must look professional without wearing a suit or tie in such dresses. Such dress generally includes long sleeve or short sleeve conservative stripped shirts with pant and a sport coat or sweater on the dress for men. Choosing business casual dresses for working women is also challenging. This type of dress does not necessarily means that you should be less professional and wear revealing and provocative dresses. Wearing pants and shirts of any color, with a blouse and sweater is the most common choice. Heels, pumps or high quality flats go well with such dress.

What are the accessories to be chosen?

Both men and women must have restraint while choosing accessories for working dress. Only a conservative watch and a black or brown belt with normal buckle or at the most a brief case or business bag is sufficient for men. Working women should not also be trendy or showy. For a perfect polished look minimal jewelry and make ups will represent you in a more professional way.

What should be the color preference?

No career oriented working person would like to show off styles in work place. Good working apparel should never be of multiple vibrant colors and designs. It is preferable to have a single color or two color combination with deep light contrast. Black work outfits are also now predominantly used by working ladies as most chosen work wear.



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