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Looking fabulous yet comfortable at work

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Dressing for work can sometimes leave people in such a stressful state that the day can actually start off on the wrong foot. Starting your day all upset and in a “huff” could lead to a lot of other negatives, such as you being less productive, feeling deflated and lacking in confidence.

Looking cool and comfortable at work

Dressing well and suitably so that you can function at optimum levels at work does not necessarily mean you have to have an endless clothing allowance. There are many ways to look good and stay comfortable without spending a lot.

You simply need to understand the type of clothing pieces suitable for your particular type of work environment and how to mix and match a few specially selected pieces so that you will always have that “new and fresh look” when you walk out the door every morning.

Take a closer look at your current wardrobe collection

It’s important to attract the right kind of attention with of your stylish yet inexpensive and comfortable work attire. You want to portray confidence and style without being too distracting.

The occasional pop of colour is a welcome change from the usual boring sombre colour of yester year’s dressing styles. If you are required to be in suits then add a colourful blouse or some eye popping colourful accessories to your ensemble. Shoes of the same matching colour as your suit is no longer considered necessary or the norm, so you can now add a pop of colour in your shoe choice that is totally in contrast with your overall look.

Minor changes to suit the occasion

Dressing with versatility is another idea to consider when putting your work outfit together. In most work environments today, women are expected to juggle many tasks and some of these may require you to work outside your office space or even attend social gatherings, versatility is important.


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