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Pencil skirts aren’t for everyone

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Pencil Skirts Aren’t for Everyone

Even though pencil skirts are the go-to bottom attire for professional workplaces, they’re not exactly the go-to bottom attire for every body type. Some body types can pull off something better or worse than pencil skirts, but not everyone should be wearing one.

Bottom Heavy

Women that are pear shaped, where they are bigger on the bottom than they are on the top, do not pull off pencil skirts well. Pencil skirts do not bend well around the hip area, folding out past the buttocks for pear shaped women and just making their bottom more noticeable. In a work environment, this is not exactly ideal. Additionally, pencil skirts usually end around the knee area, so pear shaped women end up with bigger looking legs than they actually have because pencil skirts create that illusion.


In order to accentuate what you were given without trying to show it off to the world, like you would with a pencil skirt if you’re pear shaped, there are multiple alternatives. There are high-waist pants that accentuate the bottom region without portraying it in an unprofessional manner. There are also maxi skirts, which are not as form-fitting and pencil skirts and therefore allow pear shaped women a change to breathe and look professional at the same time.

Other alternatives include empire waist dresses or shirts. This is perfect for pear shaped women because the empire waist creates an illusion of  a bigger chest area, allowing for the body type to balance out more.


Even though pencil skirts may not work for every figure, other outfits, dresses, pants, and skirts may be a great substitution. Just trying out other outfits is a great way to see what works best on your individual body type, because absolutely everyone is different.


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