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Why Accessories Matter in the Workplace

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Why Accessories Matter in the Workplace

Let’s face it – women have to look their best in a professional setting for anyone to give them the time of day. It’s hard for anyone to look past appearance in such a sexist modern world, which is why you have to use what you’re given and fight for what you deserve. That’s where accessories come in.

Small and Delicate

No one wants to see gaudy jewelry in the workplace, and you probably don’t want to have to carry around such heavy accessories in the first place, which is why small and slender accessories are preferred. Instead of a big, gaudy bangle, instead try a delicate chain that can easily fit around your wrist. This is not only smart appearance-wise, but also for your own convenience. No one wants to type while they have large jewelry on, but with something small, there’s no stopping you.


There’s no need to show off cleavage or anything else demeaning in the workplace. In order to look professional, you have to act professional, and that starts with your clothing and how you wear it. Instead of wearing a necklace that dips down to the edge of your cleavage, try one that sits right in the  middle of the sternum. It draws the eye, but not to the wrong places.


Why do accessories matter in the workplace? You shouldn’t have to worry about being taken seriously even with cleavage or too tight of a skirt, but you still do. The simple fact is, women are still judged by how they dress, how they look, and how they act. Very little communities base anything solely on intelligence and scholar. Until something changes, this is what you have to go by to get ahead.


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